Khayelitsha Cookies’ export brand name is called YOU COOKIE COMPANY. We developed this name with the assistance of amazing EMBA students from Alabama University, as we realized that…

Most people will not be able to pronounce Khayelitsha unless they stay in South Africa. Almost nobody would link the name Khayelitsha to a very poor informal settlement in South Africa, home to over 1 million residents.
They would therefore miss the entire social link between job creation and our company gets lost in the process ….. hence the YOU brand was developed.


Khayelitsha Cookies creates employment by employing previously unemployed ladies mainly from Khayelitsha and surrounding Western Cape poverty-stricken areas. The ladies are trained to hand bake and hand pack our delicious cookies, Brownies & Cheese Straws in our Food Safety accredited factory situated in Beaconvale, Parow By doing this we reduce unemployment and provide the ladies with a sense of well-deserved dignity, and put them in a position to provide for up to 5 dependents with the income they earn. Our cookies are then sold to various sectors such as Hospitality, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Retail stores.